Company Profile

  CHANGHUI ELECTRO OPTICS LIMITED is a One Stop Solution company that develops, manufactures and markets precision optical components. The company implements ISO9001:2008 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental system, and repositions optical vertical integration manufacturing. Optical component manufacturers technical engineering team has more than 15 years of optical components china experience, including optical, mechanical and quality assurance engineers, to provide you with professional optical solutions.

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  Processing flow chart and introduction

  1 Rough Grinding

  Shapes of Rough Grinding Ball: Concave grinding ball,Convex grinding ball.The selection of the first Abrasive grain size depends on the arc height of the Machining workpiece. The choice of the second and third abrasive grain sizes is reduced by 1 to 2 grain sizes in sequence than the first abrasive grain size. After rough grinding, the surface roughness is 1.6 um. Check centration and thickness tolerance at any time during rough grinding.

  2 Milling

  Remove the uneven bubbles and impurities on the surface of the lens, (about 0.05-0.08) for molding

   4 Polishing

  DM series optical double side polishing machine. This process polishes the Fine Grind lens and the appearance will be treated better.Compared with surrounding Polishing of Plane, double-side grinding and polishing technology requires higher parallelism, and the length and width of the larger or thinner components have advantages in cold working.

   7 Coating

  Coating one or more layers of colored or other coating on the surface of the lens

   8 Spraying

  Prevent the lens from reflecting, spraying a layer of black paint on its outer edge.

   9 Gluing

  For the lens with higher imaging requirements, two opposite R values will be used to glue lenses of the same size and diameter.

   According to different production processes, processes will also be slightly different, such as the order of ink coating and gluing.

   Product has quality problems due to non-human damage, and can receive corresponding free inspection and repair services within one year.