Zygo Interferometer
  Used by principle of phase shift interferencen which can provide:High-precision planar shape,Radius of curvature,Sample surface quality,Measurement and analysis of transmitted wavefronts Used for Mass measurement of transmitted and reflected reflected wavefronts: ● Prism ● Windows ● Lens


  OPTORUN OCTH-1300 Coating Machine
  Main used for high precision bandpass filter products which including of Biomedical,Fluorescence Detection and Astronomical filters which can made the product's. Filter for observation,the optical performance and stability of the product can be further guaranteed,meet the requirements of high-contrast, high-signal-to-noise ratio, and dark background for fluorescent filters in the biotherapy field 1 Optical film thickness measurement control;,more precise coating and smaller tolerances, ±0.1nm 2 RF ion source ; (1)High processing accuracy,easy to control.The ion beam can be scanned by the ion optics system for precise control of the size range.High ion current density and uniform distribution, the irradiation area can reach Ф1150mm or more (2) Processing stress and deformation are extremely small.The ion beam processing process is an atomic or molecular level micromachining,as a microscopic effect, its macroscopic pressure is small, suitable for the processing of various materials and low-rigidity workpiec


  Comprehensive Tester
  Main functions and applications Quantitative measurement of eccentricity error of single lens and cemented lens High eccentricity requires glued lens production; High precision lens assembly and debugging production Lens group mechanical coaxiality detection for small aperture short focal length lens Measurement and large curvature (long focal length) endoscopic eccentricity measurement measurement accuracy:0.2μm (or 3") ±3 ~ ±450 Measuring range (focal length)±3 ~ ±450


  9E950 Spectrophotometer
  High precision, which can used for high anti- and low-reflection coating,Color correction coating, UV, visible, near-infrared filter characterization, etc. Wavelength range:175-3300nm(185nmthe following nitrogen purge is required) wavelength accuracy:±0.08nm wavelength repeatability <0.005nm photometer accuracy 0.0003A photometer repeatability<0.00008A


  Precision goniometer(Model:PrismMaster HR MOT)
  PAny angle measurement of the prism,Angle measurement of multi-faceted prisms and plane parallelism measurement,Single measurement accuracy of 0.5 seconds,Multiple measurement accuracy of 0.2 seconds.


  MVP Semi-automatic series optical image measuring instrument(Model:MVP300M/C)
  Measurement accuracy(um):X、Y Linear precision:2.5+L/250 Vector accuracy 3+L/200 Z-axis accuracy:≤5


  600Caliber laser plane phase shifting interferometer
  The product is mainly used for high-precision measurement of large-diameter high-precision optical components.It is widely used in high-precision measurement of key optical components in aerospace, aviation, astronomical observation and so on. Advantage: 1 maximum measurement caliber:Ф120mm,Port 2 maximum measurement caliber:Ф600mm,Meet the requirements of a wide range of measurements. 2.Achieve high precision phase shift control.Effectively ensures measurement accuracy 3.Standard reference mirrors use first-class foreign standards,Large diameter fused quartz material,Standard mirror accuracy is full λ/12 or more.