Overview of optical lens development
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  Worldwide, optical lens manufacturing processes are leading in developed industrial countries, especially Germany and Japan have a long history and tradition in lens research and manufacturing, resulting in optical giants such as Leica and Carl Zeiss. Among them, the Carl Zeiss lens is still a typical representative of the world lens manufacturing technology. The Japanese optical lens industry has developed rapidly since the Second World War. With its higher performance and price ratio, it has gradually gained advantages in the global lens industry. Its main manufacturers include Canon, Nikon, Fuji, and Olympus. (Olympus) and so on.
  With the maturity and application of the Japanese optical lens manufacturing industry, the cost of optical products has decreased, and optical technology in Japan has gradually spread to neighboring countries and regions. Including Taiwan, South Korea and mainland China, the scale of optical lens production is expanding day by day, and companies with world-class levels such as Taiwan's Da Liguang and Asia Optics have emerged. In recent years, the optical lens industry has rapidly shifted to mainland China, and China is gradually becoming the main processing and production site for optical lenses in the world.
  Nowadays, optical lenses are not only used in cameras, but their breadth and depth of application have already made substantial progress and changes. First of all, optical lenses have a very wide range of applications in the industrial field, and their specific applications are mainly reflected in machine vision mechanical parts measurement, plastic parts measurement and so on. Compared with the industrial field, optical lenses have a wider range of applications in the consumer market, including professional camera lenses, mobile camera module lenses, security surveillance cameras, car lenses and many other fields.
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