ABout Gold-plated retroreflector
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  Changhui Optics develops terahertz optics (lens, window, off-axis parabolic lens, involute, galvanometer, reflector, hollow retroreflector, silicon wafer, Dove prism, spiral phase plate).
  Terahertz electronic equipment module (all-fiber ultra-high-speed optical delay control module, TDS system customization, fiber-coupled optical delay line, automatic calibration module, automatic balance polarization detection module, current-to-voltage weak signal amplifier, high voltage bias module, Direct-drive linear translation stage, a balanced polarization detection module, optically pumped terahertz detection spectrometer, photomagnetic Kerr comprehensive test platform, photomagnetic Kerr effect hysteresis loop measuring instrument)




   Changhui Optics Optical Communications Division, produces and sells fiber optic coupler lenses (Lens Barrel, Lens Array, Fuber Array), fiber optic transmission lenses (5G, AI, 4 / 8K high-definition visual transmission), micro-array lenses, and assists customers in providing optical communications lens Design.

  Aspherical optical production: free-form surface, multi-plane, Fresnel, diffraction, diffraction, matrix, micromirror array, V-groove array, progressive lens; other infrared, laser, imaging, ultra-fine, and micro-processed lenses: sulfur series Glass, germanium, zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, single crystal silicon, high-resistance silicon and other precision optical design, super-precision mold core production, injection molding.
  Product surface shape accuracy PV can be less than 100nm, and roughness RA can be less than 8nm.
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